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Discovering IPA Beer


Welcome to the fascinating world of India Pale Ales (IPA), a style that has conquered the palates of beer enthusiasts worldwide.

Origins of IPA

The history of IPAs dates back to the 18th century when British beers were exported to India to quench the thirst of British troops and settlers. To ensure the freshness of the beers during their long sea voyage, brewers developed a heavily hopped variant of beer with higher alcohol content, thus providing better preservation. Thus, the India Pale Ale was born.

Hop Triumph

Hops, with their floral aromas and distinctive bitter flavors, are the true stars of IPAs. Their generous use in brewing gives IPAs a characteristic bitterness and aromatic notes ranging from fruity to resinous. Craft breweries worldwide have embraced this tradition, experimenting with different types of hops to create unique flavor profiles.

Craft Beer Revolution

In recent decades, IPAs have experienced a true renaissance thanks to the craft beer movement. Creative brewers have pushed the boundaries of the style, giving rise to a variety of IPAs, including New England IPAs, Double IPAs, and Milkshake IPAs, each offering a distinct taste experience.

Brasserie du Château de Leignon and its IPA

Brasserie du Château de Leignon, we celebrate this brewing tradition by offering our own interpretation of IPA. Our IPA skillfully combines malty richness with an explosion of hop aromas, creating a refreshing and bold experience that will appeal to both connoisseurs and novices.


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