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Inauguration of Brasserie du Château de Leignon

Updated: Jan 16

Brasserie du Château de Leignon celebrated its inauguration with a memorable evening on December 13, 2023, marking the beginning of an exceptional journey in the world of Belgian craft beer. The event was the perfect opportunity to introduce six unique creations to the public, brewed with passion and dedication.

Guests had the privilege of exploring a world where the art of beer reached its pinnacle, with respectful artisanal techniques that imparted unique flavors and subtle aromas to each beverage. Brasserie du Château de Leignon is committed to satisfying the most discerning palates, and this inaugural evening was the prelude to an exceptional gustatory adventure.

Isabelle Arpin, a talented and renowned chef, added a gastronomic touch to the event by offering exquisite appetizers, creating a perfect harmony between beer and refined cuisine. Guests had the opportunity to savor these delights while discovering the subtleties of each beer, enriching their gustatory experience.

The evening unfolded in a warm and friendly atmosphere, marked by the shared passion for the brewing craft. Isabelle Arpin, as the chef, also announced her upcoming role as the head of the restaurant at Auberge du Château de Leignon. This inn, nestled in the beautiful castle estate, promises an exceptional gastronomic experience that will perfectly complement the brewery's offerings.

In addition to the brewery and restaurant, the Leignon Castle estate is set to welcome guest rooms in the spring of 2024. This will provide visitors with the opportunity to extend their stay and fully immerse themselves in the enchanting experience of this unique location.

For beer enthusiasts, Brasserie du Château de Leignon emerges as a must-visit destination. Brewery tours, available by reservation at, will allow visitors to delve deeper into the fascinating world of craft beer creation.

Here are some photos from the inaugural evening:


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